Built for the Trjam-274

Built for the theme Growth and decay. Your are a Glob that needs to eat. Your only weapon is to shoot bits of yourself at enemies. When they die they leave food for you to eat and regain your size and power.

Unfortunately you also taste good so the enemies are out to eat you too.



Use WASD and mouse with left click. 

Game Pad

Left stick moves.

Right stick to aim

Right trigger to fire. (doesn't work on browsers)

About the game

It was build in Godot 4.2.1 in 3 hours. (That is why there is no audio)

The blob if from Warren Clark. https://lionheart963.itch.io/blob-sprite

The enemies are from 0x72's pixeldudemaker. https://0x72.itch.io/pixeldudesmaker

The tile set for the area is from PixiVan. https://pixivan.itch.io/simple-forest-tileset

The heart is from Kenny pack. Pixel Platformer.

Known Bugs

For some reason the web build does not detect the right-trigger on the game pad so to play on gamepad please download the full windows version.


GG.zip 24 MB

Development log

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