Day 5 of the Jam

** Day 5 is full of combat **

We have been fighting things, not bugs (unless you count the mutated cockroaches). The combat engine is up some parts missing like healing, but we all know that is for weaklings.

It’s really nice to see it becoming a game. The loop is looking good and the card combat is a bit more ruthless then we anticipated.

Stuff we did

  • Soundtracks are in
  • New wall tile in the Sewer level
  • The main menu art is completed (until we decide it’s not)
  • Dialog engine is up and running basic dialogs written
  • Card execution and management (for combat done)
  • More information on Cards
  • More information on Characters

Stuff we plan to do in the new 24h

  • Complete the dungeon crawling
  • Allow characters to die (Yup I am afraid so)
  • Improve the mob combat AI, currently it really hates Samuel
  • Backpack use in game
  • … things we are yet realized

New menu

Chatting with Mr Mittens

Being attacked

Fighting Back

Turn handling

Get Dumbest Dungeon


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