Jam Version Fixes and Polish completed.

Week 3

We have completed all the changes we think resolve issues raised by the Jam players. This is a final Jam version of the game now. Presuming there are no significant bugs of course

Stuff that was done.

  • Dungeons only spawn in there correct Map zones now. (Forest, City, Roads etc.)
  • Tutorial added that should help onboard players.
  • Smoother scene transition.
  • Inn improvements to movements.
  • Better effects for when you have completed achievements.
  • Added some missing Monster descriptions.
  • Monsters now show damage value and a hit effect.
  • Better monster outline for selecting.
  • Player toon icons new Animating selected outline.
  • Player toon icons animate and show hit effect.
  • Player toon icons new death state.
  • Show rested cards on backpack in game screen.

Stuff we plan next.

We are considering what we would do to make this a full game as apposed to a jam game. There are sever parts that we have identified would need to be enhanced.

  • Plot for primary adventure.
  • Side plots per added character toon.
  • Better geometry for dungeons.
  • More variety of dungeon’s both graphics and generation styles.
  • Dungeons need to be more interesting (Secret passages, doors, dungeon quests for example)
  • More cards.
  • Character specific power cards.
  • Basic animations for the mobs.
  • Juice a lot of juice.

Damage Notifications

Improved Map Dungeons

New Character Icon effects


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Apr 30, 2022

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