Day 6 of the Jam

** Day 6 of the Jam **

With just 1440 minutes left focus is sharp, coffee strong and the need for sleep growing.

The full game loop is working now, so enter dungeons leave them. All of that cards type function and work. You can all die and you can leave and enter. Toons gain XP and make levels leaving them with more and more card space.

Things we crossed off our lists

  • Type abilities on toons
  • Types added to the card display
  • New Logo (With cards)
  • Battle screen card selection polish
  • Many new card icons added
  • Achievements menu added
  • Added a new monster Karat
  • All the combat types added and fixed behaviors
  • Toons can die now

The Last list

  • Sound effects
  • More monsters
  • More cards
  • More types of dungeons
  • Add Old Bastard
  • Shop
  • Card selection
  • Rested only cards indication
  • Complete the dialogs
  • Make Mittens move a bit
  • Make Bug Eye appears and vanish
  • Loot in dungeons
  • Boss mob health bar
  • Boss mob loot

More information on cards and on toon icons

New monster

Now you all die

Get Dumbest Dungeon

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