Week 2

Week 2 (jam over)

So the game jam is done. Voting completed and we are happy to have taken 5th place. You can see the results here.

We have made a few bug fixes over the last week and have implemented a few changes we believe the game needs.

Stuff we did this week.

  • We have added a rested only icon so you can see cards that can only be played once per rest.
  • Added mob’s TP bar so you can see how many turn points they have.
  • Fixed a bug with MOB’s TP points for battles.
  • Reduced the size of some of the dungeons
  • Corrected one sprite for the one of boss mobs on Lvl4 (Three headed goblin)
  • Small tweaks to player TP bar
  • Added some Card sounds effects when playing and selecting cards
  • Got the fonts all adjusted to the same font with weights
  • Added a ? to achievements when you have one to claim

This weeks plan.

  • Add a tutorial quest
  • Some battle and card Juice
  • Get dungeon spawning to spawn only in the right spots on the world map.
  • Shop enhancements
  • Card player selection enhancements

An enhancement we want to add to card mechanics is to introduce the idea of Per Battle cards. These would only be playable once in a battle and get shuffled into your deck after the battle. Similar to the per rested cards that can only be played once per rest but less limited.

Rested Icon on Card

Monster TP points

New fonts

General new in game shot


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Apr 22, 2022

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