Day 4 of the Jam

Mobs and Cards

Well the last24h went a bit smoother then day 3 although it’s terrifying to be past the halfway point with so much to still do. There is going to be a frenzy of UI dev coming :D.

While visually the changes seam small wiring so much up to the database is a critical step to adding a lot more content.

This we got done.

  • Mobs spawn in rooms
  • Boss mobs
  • Mob Movement AI
  • Card database (integrated)
  • Toon database (integrated)
  • Some of card art done
  • MINI Map

Thing we will do in the next 24h

  • Card battles
  • LUA script integration for Card behaviors
  • Dialog system
  • Complete the in game UI

Mini Map

Toon DB

Cards DB

Get Dumbest Dungeon

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